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Fall 2018 FLEX

The process to transfer excess financial aid funds to your FLEX account closed on August 22nd at 5 pm.  If you received a late financial aid award and have confirmed that excess is available for transfer (after all mandatory tuition/fees have been paid), please contact the VSU Bursary via the following form:

Post-Deadline FLEX Transfer Request

**You may visit the Online Card Office to deposit funds via debit or credit card at any time (parents should select the "guest deposit" feature at the bottom of the page).

Quick Facts

  • Initial VSU 1Card is free (for those students who pay the per-semester card fee)
  • Your VSU 1Card is valid from semester-to-semester
  • All access and privileges are activated at the beginning of each semester electronically.
  • All replacements (lost, stolen, or damaged) are $20.00 each
  • The $20.00 replacement fee for faculty/staff may be paid via an interdepartmental charge; employees must present a completed Interdepartmental ID Replacement Form, with appropriate approvals, in-person at the VSU 1Card office along with two forms of ID
  • The VSU 1Card is the property of Valdosta State University and is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued (non-transferable); the card will be confiscated and all privileges frozen if presented for use by someone other than the cardholder